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Our firm follows all the guidelines for a quality final product. It also encourages creative approaches throughout the entire design development process.  We follow the New York City Building Code; Housing Maintenance Code; Zoning Resolution; Local Law 58 Accessibility Standards, and any particular program requirement. Our projects also meet Federal, State & City environmental laws.

New Construction

We work hand in hand with developers, city agencies and community partners to strengthen neighborhoods with affordable high quality housing. We follow HPD guidelines with evolving technology and practices to achieve all their standard’s goals in every project.

Gut Rehabs

In these multifamily housing projects (often referred to as Mod Rehab) which are buildings eligible for renewal, we also meet the program’s housing quality standards in the process of upgrading buildings and preserving house stock.

Moderate Rehabs

In the request for proposal (best known by its acronym RFP) we help our clients submit a final product developed under the required guidelines of each specific RFP, rendering extensive documentation with a quick turnaround time. We supply them with high quality graphics that aides their final proposal with plans, details & 3D renderings reflecting and visualizing their company’s criteria.

 Request for Proposals

Construction related activities, including:

  • Project preparation and construction scheduling

  • Cost estimating and budget projections

  • Project bidding and negotiations

  • Subcontractor coordination

  • Site inspections and reporting

  • Requisition and change order preparation and negotiations

  • Owners project representative services (OPR)

Construction Management

Includes involvement with
lending institutions, owners for various services, as follows:

  • Monitoring architect for lending institutions involved in construction projects

  • Building evaluation, scope of work, and cost estimates for properties

  • Existing conditions reports for potential building purchasers

  • Review and responses to architects plans for work proposed in co-op buildings
    for individual owners

  • Independent inspections and reports on the quality and legality of contract
    documents and construction

  • Expert testimony in housing litigation.

Additional Services

Services: Testimonials
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